Collection, Transport, and Identification of Category 3 Animal By-Products

How should Animal By-Products CAT.3 be collected and transported? Animal by-products and derived products must be collected and transported in new sealed packages or covered, leak-proof containers or vehicles. Do vehicles and containers transporting Category 3 products of animal origin need to be kept clean? Reusable vehicles and containers, as well as all other items […]

How is refrigerated transport carried out in Skelv?

What is refrigerated transport? Refrigerated transport is a type of transport in which goods are transported at a sufficiently low temperature. This mainly applies to food products such as: meat, fruit, frozen food, dairy products, flowers, vegetables, or delicatessen products. Refrigerated transport is also used to transport medicines, chemical and pharmaceutical products, as well as […]

How should ABP CAT.3 be transported?

Cat3 animal by-products can be transported by entities with the appropriate permission and have a Veterinary Identification Number. Skelv has such a permit with the number: WNI – 126180133. The transport must be accompanied by a national commercial document or an international commercial document, which document specifies the sender, consignee, transporter, product, date and other […]

Are Animal by-products waste?

If, as a result of your production activity, you generate waste such as: according to the provisions of the Act on waste, Art. 2.9, they are not waste, because the provisions of the Act on waste do not apply to animal by-products, including processed products, covered by Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009, with the exception of […]

What is fish waste used for?

Responsible waste management is a challenge faced by practically all entrepreneurs. Remnants of animal products deserve special attention. Many of them can be used in different ways. In today’s post, we will focus on fish waste. What can you do with them? Where should I go to pick them up? Use of fish waste in […]

Why the TIMOCOM freight exchange?

The Skelv company provides domestic and international road transport services. The desire for further development and presence on foreign markets made us decide to use the services of the TIMOCOM freight exchange – our login TC ID: 11423087. Take advantage of our offer:

What counts as animal by-products?

Companies that deal with animal-related activities deal with various types of animal by-products, which are briefly referred to as ABP. We call them animal materials that are not meant to be eaten, or people just don’t eat them. What exactly do we include and how should we deal with them?

Skat Transport Sp. z o.o. sp.k. wyraża pozytywną opinię na temat współpracy ze Skelv

Dzisiaj otrzymaliśmy fantastyczną wiadomości od jednego z naszych partnerów. Firma Skat Transport Sp. z o.o. sp.k. wyraziła pozytywną opinię na temat współpracy z nami. Od dłuższego czasu nasze samochody, świadczą usługi przewozu towarów, które wymagają odpowiedniego dopasowania środka transportu pod wymiar i wagę ładunku.  Ta wiadomość niczym koło zamachowe wpływa pozytywnie na moc i prędkość […]