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What is fish waste used for?

Responsible waste management is a challenge faced by practically all entrepreneurs. Remnants of animal products deserve special attention. Many of them can be used in different ways. In today’s post, we will focus on fish waste. What can you do with them? Where should I go to pick them up?

Use of fish waste in the pet food industry?

To begin with, it is worth briefly mentioning which parts of the fish can be reused. Well, companies dealing with the transport of fish processing waste, mainly transport fish heads, bones and entrails. Interestingly, they have many applications, and one of them is the use in the food industry for animals. This is because fish waste that is not suitable for consumption can be converted into components of microbial media. In addition, they can also produce:

  • feed,
  • fishmeal,
  • silage.

Particularly noteworthy, however, is fishmeal, which is an excellent source of protein. It is distinguished by good digestibility and is willingly used in fish nutrition. In addition, the fishmeal can also be used to feed furry carnivores, for example foxes and minks.

What else can fish waste be used for?

Fish waste is a product that has many uses. They are often used in the food industry in the form of the aforementioned fishmeal or other animal feed. However, it also works well as a biofuel.

They are used to produce combustible biogas, which is produced by methane fermentation of organic matter under anaerobic conditions. Using waste fish oils, it is also possible to produce another fuel – biodiesel, the viscosity of which is comparable to that of biodiesel produced from rapeseed oil.