Domestic and international refrigerated transport

There is a whole group of products which must be transported at a strictly defined temperature, as they are particularly sensitive to changes in weather conditions. This group primarily includes food products, such as:

  • fresh meat;
  • sausage products and related products;
  • fish;
  • frozen foods;
  • dairy products;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • delicatessen products.

A strictly defined low temperature is also required the organisation of transport of certain waste, as well as animal by-products. Professionally organized refrigerated transport will ensure the freshness of the transported products, as well as keeping them in proper conditions. We also provide SENT waste transport i.e. transport of goods monitoring system.

Refrigerated transport. Why is worth using our services?

Above all, refrigerated transport should be organized in the right way.

Logistics is of great importance and affects not only the comfort of work, but also guarantees the safety of the carried goods. Skillful preparation of the cargo and its carriage in appropriate conditions will reduce the risk of sanitary hazards (in the case of transport of waste or animal by-products). It is worth cooperating with our company because:

  • we have documented experience;
  • we employ experienced workers;
  • our drivers take care of the cargo entrusted to us;
  • we have our own fleet of refrigerated vehicles;
  • we can transport different types of products;
  • we constantly monitor the parameters of the cargo;
  • we are punctual.

We provide comprehensive refrigerated transport services throughout the country. We also offer international refrigerated transport.


Domestic and international refrigerated transport – equipment

In international and domestic refrigerated transport, the fleet of vehicles and the equipment with which measurements are taken are important, which is why Skelv has modern sets with refrigerated trailers that guarantee the required temperature is maintained during transport. Both experienced drivers and our fleet of vehicles have the certificates and tests necessary for carriage of goods under controlled temperature. The most common goods transported by Skelv are:

  • animal by-products (i.e. in Polish – PUPZ) of categories 3 and 2;
  • foodstuffs sensitive to changes in external conditions.

In order to confirm the highest quality of services to our customers, after the completion of the service, documents are presented which confirm the proper temperature of the goods during loading, carriage and unloading.


Refrigerated transport

When providing refrigerated transport, it is important for us to complete the order in a timely manner and to ensure that all cargo transport guidelines are followed.

Transport of animal by-products

Animal by-products are often used to produce products such as meals that are then used in animal feeding or as feed additives and supplements. To make sure that animal by-products can be used for this purpose, however, they must be delivered to the processing plant at the appropriate controlled temperature.

Waste transportation

Transporting waste requires special care because of the harmfulness of the materials transported and the odour, which should be neutralised, for example by cooling the cargo.