Domestic road transport

Given the variety of goods and logistics solutions, domestic transportation is, against all odds, a service that requires a great deal of energy, attention and time from each carrier. The sector in which we offer our domestic transportation services include:
  • waste transportation
  • ADR transport of dangerous goods
  • transport of foods,
  • transport of construction materials,
  • refrigerated transport of goods,
  • transport of agricultural goods and products,
  • transport of fertilizers,
  • transport of container,
  • transport of car parts
  • transport of construction and household chemicals,

What distinguishes?

01. We hold all licenses for domestic and international road transport.
02. We operate a modern and well-equipped fleet.Our vehicles conform to strict technical standards and are EURO 6 certified.
03. We offer transport with standard curtain-side trailers, mega trailers, moving floor trailers, refrigerated and tipper trailers. We can move waste and animal by-products.
04. All vehicles feature GPS units for a real-time view of cargo transport route. Our drivers have extensive experience in domestic and international transport.
05. We have road carrier's liability insurance covering losses of up to EUR 250 000 in domestic transport and up to EUR 350 000 in international traffic; we also have general third party liability insurance covering losses of up to PLN 4 298 500.