SENT waste transport

Companies are increasingly recognizing the potential of a reasonable and well-thought waste management. It allows us to reduce the amount of waste, as well as recycling thanks to which new things can be produced. Segregation of waste, its efficient collection, disposal or reprocessing makes our immediate environment look much better. We can breathe fresh air, the risk of water and soil contamination is reduced. We specialize in the transport of SENT waste, we also carry out the transport of animal by-products of category 3. We have the necessary experience that allows us to transport a large variety of waste in a timely and safe manner. We cooperate with both commercial chains, recyclers, waste disposal plants, as well as industrial plants that want to dispose of excess raw materials in a convenient way. The advantages of cooperation with our company are:
  • comprehensiveness of transport services;
  • collection of waste in accordance with the previously agreed order;
  • attention to cleanliness and safety of collection;
  • possibility to collect different types of raw materials and waste;
  • possibility to collect baled, loose waste;
  • own fleet of vehicles.

BDO (i.e. the database on products and packaging and waste management, called BDO) transport services. What kind of waste do we collect from customers?

BDO transport services are provided comprehensively. This means that the offer is flexible and tailored to the needs of different customers, both manufacturing companies, as well as stores, logistics centers, marketplaces, processing plants, meat plants. We collect such raw materials and waste as:
  • waste i.e scrap articles of paper or of paperboard, including cardboard, solid or corrugated cardboard, waste printing cuttings, CEK waste paper;
  • waste from plastics, plastics including film, PET bottles, household chemicals, styrofoam;
  • waste from wood and wood processing, including pallets and sawdust;
  • multi-material waste such as tetrapak;
  • glass packaging waste;
  • packaging waste of hazardous substances;
  • tires;
  • waste from the rubber industry and rubber production;
  • waste from agriculture, horticulture, hydroponics, fishing, forestry, hunting and food processing;
  • waste from waste management facilities and equipment, from wastewater treatment plants, and from the treatment of drinking water and water for industrial purposes;
  • sludge from on-site wastewater treatment plants;
  • sludges from washing, cleaning, peeling, centrifuging and separation of raw materials;
  • waste for alternative fuel;
  • waste from mechanical treatment of waste.
If the waste you would like to transport is not listed, feel free to contact us. We will certainly find a suitable solution and arrange collection on terms which will be attractive to all parties.

We fulfill all legal obligations

Waste transport must be entrusted to an operator assigned a Waste Management Database number for waste transportation. The register of licenced waste transport operators is publicly available at www.bdo.mos.gov.pl.

Skelv is entry in the Waste Management Database, number 000537942. To move waste across borders one must obtain a waste transport permits issued by each of the States through which waste is transported. We have permits to transport waste in countries such as: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia.

Skelv posiada wpis w rejestrze BDO o numerze 000537942.

We have permits to transport waste in countries such as: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia.

Other legal obligations

Skelv is one of just a handful of transport operators moving waste that provide geolocation data transfer and System for Electronic Transport Supervision (or SENT) support.

As of 22 February 2022 the System for Electronic Transport Supervision covers all waste imported into Poland. The system requires that companies involved in cross-border waste trading register each waste shipment through the electronic PUESC platform of the ministry of Finance.

These regulations imposed obligations on the shipper, the receiver and the carrier in the waste trade, respectively, to submit a shipment notification at the start of the waste shipment; the notification also needs to be updated.

Waste is all substances or objects created as a result of human activity, as well as residues from their production, which the holder disposes of, intends to dispose of, or is required to dispose of. Depending on the source of its origin and the characteristics of waste, waste requires appropriate transportation methods.

The waste transportation service is one of the main components of waste management systems and involves moving material from the place of collection (at company’s site) to the place of processing (point of disposal, recycling, storage). The transport document, being the basis of the service, includes all information on the type of waste and the entities entrusting waste transport.

Znak AZnak Odpady

Waste transport must be carried out in conformity with environmental as well as health and safety regulations. It is mandatory to mark vehicles transporting waste in Poland with ODPADY (WASTE) boards at the front of the vehicle. Vehicles used international waste transport should be marked with letter A at the front of the vehicle.

Detailed waste transport requirements, including the means of transportation and the method of transportation as well as labelling can be found in the Regulation of the Minister of Environment. In order to transport waste without risk to the environment, it is wise to entrust it to professionals in the field. Contact Skelv.




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