Fish meal for poultry, pigs and pet food

More and more companies are recognizing the need to invest in environmentally friendly products which make animal husbandry more profitable. A great influence on the quality of animal production is the type of feed used, the rearing environment, comprehensive veterinary care. Our company meets customers’ expectations by offering fish meal sales and transport. We also offer safe collection of fish processing waste.

Fish meal is a product of the broader feed industry, which is obtained from pulverizing fish. Thus, modern processing means that there is no waste of raw material.

Skelv is listed in the register of the Veterinarian  District of Kraków under number PL1261248p, as an entity authorized to market feed material – fish meal.

The fish meal offered for sale is produced from Animal By-Products of Category 3, which Skelv collects from fish product manufacturers and delivers to Bioceval’s processing plant.

Fish meal produced at Bioceval is offered under the brand name SEELÖWE , and is a product with a high protein and nutrient content. A balanced amino acid profile and valuable trace elements such as vitamins and minerals make fish meal a valuable and highly digestible ingredient, a valued component in the production of feed for livestock, mainly pigs and poultry, as well as pet food. It is characterized by a high digestibility coefficient and guarantees a high rate of growth of fed animals.

Why should we use fish meal feed?

Animal husbandry requires, first of all, to have appropriate facilities, as well as equipment. In this way, the breeder will create appropriate rearing conditions, ensure the safety of animals, as well as minimize the risk of injury or disease. We do not intend to ignore the issue of animal nutrition. It must be thoughtful, and the products used must be safe. A fish meal feed will be ideal.

It is worth using fish meal because:

  • it is an ecological product;
  • is attractively priced;
  • is made from widely available raw materials;
  • has no negative impact on the environment;
  • is safe for daily use;
  • is a source of complete and digestible protein;
  • is rich in calcium, phosphorus, selenium;
  • does not cause problems with the digestive system of animals;
  • has a high nutritional value;
  • is readily taken by animals;
  • ensures stable, safe and systematic growth.

Using high-quality fish meal for poultry and pigs, the breeder can be sure that it will not harm the animals, but will obtain production that will bring tangible benefits. It is worth cooperating with reliable and timely suppliers of fish meal. The breeder then has a guarantee that the supplied fish meal will be complete, will always have the same parameters, will not be too moist.

It is also important to ensure timely delivery, as well as flexible terms of cooperation. We provide all the breeders with whom we cooperate with timely deliveries, as well as the certainty that the fish meal will be available at an attractive price. This will make it possible to plan breeding freely, saving time as well as money.

Available types of fish meal

Depending on the customer’s requirements, our fish meal is available in bulk, in 25kg paper bags, in 1m3 big-bags. We will deliver the fish meal to the destination of your choice.