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Skelv – Polish company, which provides comprehensive services related to collection, purchase and sale of animal by-products, fish meal, processed animal protein, waste management and collection of recyclables, as well as transport.

It is difficult to imagine running a business without ensuring proper, rational and thoughtful waste management. More and more companies are recognizing the fact that this is necessary, as it facilitates business, as well as has a positive impact on the environment and the immediate surroundings.

Our company has extensive experience, thanks to which it can provide comprehensive services related to the collection, purchase and sale of an animal by-products;, waste management and collection of secondary raw materials. Among other things, we collect such products as animal by-products of category 3 (products of animal origin or other products obtained from animals (fish), not intended for human consumption such as: heads, skins, spines, entrails. We manage recycled materials such as paper and cardboard packaging, plastics, multi-material waste and others. Our sales include fish meal, On request, we can also pick up products that need to be transported using specialized refrigerated trucks. We also carry out collection and transport of hazardous products (excluding Class 1 and Class 7), as well as other types of waste.

We provide our customers with:

  • individual approach to each order;
  • flexibility of the offer;
  • adjustment of deadlines and all details to the customer’s needs;
  • competitive prices;
  • transport using modern rolling stock and equipment;
  • execution of collection by experienced drivers;
  • maintenance of all safety standards;
  • compliance with sanitary, veterinary standards.

We focus primarily on quality, so we constantly invest in good quality equipment, which positively affects the comfort of work, as well as makes that the collected products are secured and protected from, for example, damage or leakage.

We have all the necessary permits, so that the customer who undertakes cooperation with us can be sure that the collection of animal by-products and other waste is carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations. We know exactly how to handle animal by-products, secondary raw materials or hazardous waste.


What makes us stand out?​


Customer approach - use our services to find out. We want to grow together with our partners, providing top level services, using and adhering to environmental regulations.


With the knowledge we acquired ourselves as well as that of our associates, our business partners in waste handling, environmental regulations, waste recycling, recovery and recycling of waste packaging, category 3 animal by-products, we find will the best solutions for your waste.


Our advantage is our own fleet of vehicles which enables us to collect the waste from you always on time. Also our logistics department uses reliable carriers to provide transportation services for us.

Turnover of waste

We transfer waste and recyclable materials to domestic facilities, and also work along with recyclers and processing installations in Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Italy, Turkey. We also import recyclable materials from abroad to process them in Poland. We operate in accordance with the Waste Act as a vendor in waste trading, being registered in the Waste Management Database, number 000537942. Part of our business is also exporting waste packaging and all waste packaging exported features the packaging waste export recovery note, which we issue.

Our fleet and certificates

We have a modern fleet of our own Scania, Volvo and Schmitz trucks and trailers, which are regularly serviced by authorized services.

We also meet all legal requirements for the collection and transport of waste under the supervision of the Veterinary Inspection, thus acting in accordance with the requirements set out in Regulation No. 1069/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council (EC) of October 21, 2009.


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