Animal by-products

Processing in its broadest sense makes it possible to obtain food safely, systematically and conveniently. Processing plants are also obliged to lead a sensible and thoughtful waste management. This applies animal by-products, which include, for example, fish waste. Non-cooperation with an experienced company that handles the collection of fish processing waste can result in, among other things:
  • problems with ensuring current production;
  • failure to meet delivery terms;
  • sanitary problems;
  • the need for inspections by the Veterinary Inspection, the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate and other services;
  • the appearance of bad odors;
  • contamination of the environment;
  • business shutdown and financial losses.
We provide comprehensive collection of waste with our own transport. We collect various types of products of animal origin.

Transport of animal by-products. What is waste containing products of animal origin?

We offer collection of animal by-products of category 3, using our own fleet of vehicles. Collection and transport of animal by-products takes place under the supervision of the Veterinary Inspection and is therefore executed with a specially adapted and marked vehicle combination, in accordance with the sanitary regulations for animal by-products, which are defined by the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council No. 1069/2009 from 21 October 2009. Skelv is entered in the register of entities supervised by the District Veterinary Officer of Kraków, with respect to: We cooperate with processing plants approved under Regulation EC 1069/2009.

Why use our services?

we have expert knowledge and experience of the conditions which must be fulfilled when collecting and transporting animal by-products,

we use specially adapted means of transport for relevant category and type of animal by-products:
  • including refrigerated,
  • trucks,
  • tipper trucks,
  • tankers, containers and others.

What is our core business?

01. Transport that requires freezing or cooling

We transport category 3 material that requires refrigeration or freezing in refrigerated trailers with temperature control.

02. Transportation of liquid or semi-liquid waste

Category 3 material such as blood, intestines, fats require a suitable airtight means of transport with sufficient thermal insulation, so we transport them in tipper trailers for quick and easy loading and unloading.

What are animal by-products?

Animal by-products (or UPPZ) are whole dead animals or their parts, products of animal origin or other products derived from animals not intended for human consumption, including ova, embryos and semen;

Animal by-products are classified in dedicated categories that reflect the level of risk to human and animal health posed by such products.