Transport animal by-products CAT.3

Animal husbandry allows us to provide products that allow us to meet our basic needs. An important part of breeding and processing is, of course, skillful waste management. It is necessary because animal by-products that are not suitable for human consumption can pose a potential threat to the entire ecosystem, negatively affect the health of other people and animals, the soil, groundwater, air. We provide our customers with comprehensive transport of animal by-products of PUPZ of category 3 and 2. Transport services are carried out in accordance with the law in force in Poland. Respecting safety regulations and sanitary regulations, as well as compliance with them, makes transport:
  • is well planned;
  • is systematic;
  • does not pose a risk;
  • reduces the risk of contamination, spread of diseases;
  • will not encounter unforeseen obstacles;
  • will ensure that products are quickly delivered for processing or disposal.

We can comprehensively offer this kind of transport services, as we have the necessary technical facilities, employ people with experience, and have detailed procedures. All this means that the customer undertaking the cooperation with us can count on comprehensive service, and can be sure that the collection will be regular, well-organized. We focus on:

  • individual approach to each customer;
  • tailoring the offer;
  • appropriate selection of means of transport to the type of waste;
  • comprehensive and accurate protection of animal by- products i.e. PUPZ;
  • ensuring safety during transport;
  • quick transfer of waste for disposal.

Transport of animal by-products category 3 and 2- requirements and regulations

Our goal is to provide comprehensive customer service in the transport of animal by-products. We offer transport of animal by-products i.e. (PUPZ) of category 3 and 2, using our own fleet of vehicles, and we also rely on the support of trusted national as well as foreign carriers.

The transport of animal by-products i.e. PUPZ takes place under the supervision of the Veterinary Inspection and is therefore carried out with a specially prepared and marked set of vehicles in accordance with the sanitary regulations concerning animal by-products, which are defined by Regulation EC No. 1069/2022 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 October 2009.

Skelv is entered in the register of entities supervised by the District Veterinary Officer of Kraków, for the transport of animal by-products of category 3, which has been given Veterinary Registration Number (i.e. in Polish – WNII) – 126180133

Why use our services?

we have specialist knowledge and experience in the field of conditions that must be met when transporting animal by-products

we select a specialized means of transport for a given category and type of ABP, and they include: cold rooms, tippers, tankers, containers and others.

What is our core business?

01. Transport that requires freezing or cooling

Transport UPPZ CAT. 3, requiring refrigeration or freezing, we transport in refrigerated semi-trailers, enabling temperature control

02. Transportation of liquid or semi-liquid waste

Transport UPPZ CAT. 3. Category 3 ABP material, such as blood, intestines, fats, require an appropriate sealed means of transport with appropriate thermal insulation, which is why we transport them in tipper semi-trailers, enabling quick and easy loading and unloading.

03. Transportation of liquid waste

Transport UPPZ CAT. 2. Category 2 material, such as sewage sludge from industrial sewage treatment plants, is transported by us in specially adapted tankers equipped with suction pumps. We offer our services in the country and in the European Union.

04. Transport of dry waste

Transport UPPZ CAT. 2. Category 2 material, such as sewage sludge from industrial sewage treatment plants, is transported by us using hooklifts adapted for this purpose in sealed containers.

What are animal by-products?

Animal by-products (ABP) means whole or parts of dead animals, products of animal origin or other products derived from animals not intended for human consumption, including ova, embryos and semen. These products are classified in special categories reflecting the level of risk to human and animal health posed by such products. We distinguish:
  • Category 1 material
  • Category 2 material
  • Category 3 material