Paper and cardboard waste

Given its properties, paper processing is fairly limited. It cannot be recycled indefinitely.

To be recycled, paper must be clean and properly sorted paper – it must be free of contaminants such as food scraps, plastic, metal and other trash making it hard to recycle.

We are a direct supplier of paper and cardboard waste, newspapers, flyers, wood pulp waste paper, printing cuttings to paper mills both in Poland as well as in Germany, Austria, Italy, Ukraine, Turkey.

We are primarily focused on buying and selling recyclable materials such as:

1.01 Mixed paper and cardboard

unsorted, but with unusable materials removed A mixture of various grades of paper and board, without restriction on short fibre content

1.02 Mixed paper and cardboard (sorted)

A mixture of various qualities of paper and board, containing a maximum of 40% of newspapers and magazines.

1.03 Grey board

Printed and unprinted white lined and unlined grey board or mixed board, free from corrugated material.

1.04 Supermarket corrugated paper and board

Used paper and board packaging, containing a minimum of 70% of corrugated board, the rest being solid board and wrapping papers.

1.05 Old corrugated containers

Used boxes and sheets of corrugated board of various qualities.

1.06 Unsold magazines

Unsold magazines with or without glue.

1.10.Mixed newspapers and magazines

A mixture of newspapers and magazines, containing a minimum of 60 % of magazines, with or without glue.

2.11.PE-coated paperboards

Other PE-coated board May contain unbleached board and paper from board manufacturers and converters.

2.14.Coloured toilet paper and tissues

Unused coloured toilet paper with soft sleeves, unused toilet tissue.

3.12.White lightly printed multiply board

New cuttings of lightly printed white multi-ply board, containing woodfree, mechanical or thermo-mechanical pulp plies, but without grey plies.

4.02.Used corrugated kraft

Used boxes of corrugated board, with kraft liners only, the fluting made from chemical or thermo-chemical pulp.

5.03.Liquid board packaging

Used liquid packaging board including used PE-coated liquid packaging board (with or without aluminium content), containing a minimum of 50% by weight of fibres, and the balance being aluminium or coatings.

5.14.Used paper cups

Includes used paper cups covered with plastic.

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