Domestic and international waste forwarding

Have to transport waste or goods?

Let us take care of moving your waste or goods where you need them. Our experienced team will arrange transportation of your goods exactly how you require it and in full conformity with legal requirements.

Skelv has a license No. 214/2021 for road transport in the field of brokering the carriage of goods. Click here to see the license.

We fulfill all legal obligations

Providing domestic or international transportation, we pay special attention to the appropriate selection of means of transport, and choose the most affordable option for you. A license for international commercial carriage of goods by road is not enough to be legally able to transport waste.

In Poland, the Czech Republic or Slovakia, an entry in the BDO being listed in the Waste Management Database is sufficient. But to transport waste in Germany or Austria, one needs to obtain local “permits”. Skelv has access to transport companies, carriers who hold appropriate permits.

Skelv has an entry in the BDO register number 000537942.

We have permits to transport waste in countries such as: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia.