Cat3 Not For Human Consumption

Are Animal by-products waste?

If, as a result of your production activity, you generate waste such as:

  • carcasses and parts of carcases of animals slaughtered in a slaughterhouse, declared fit for human consumption but not intended for human consumption for commercial reasons
  • carcasses and parts of carcasses of animals slaughtered in a slaughterhouse, which have not been declared fit for human consumption, but do not show signs of disease communicable to humans or animals, hides, skins from healthy animals slaughtered in a slaughterhouse
  • products from poultry and hares slaughtered on the farm
  • blood of slaughtered animals that did not show signs of disease communicable through the blood to humans and animals
  • PCA resulting from the production of products intended for human consumption, including defatted bones, greaves, centrifuge and separator sludge obtained in the milk processing process there was food
  • pet food or feed materials containing products of animal origin which, for commercial or production reasons, are unfit for feeding but do not pose a risk to human or animal health
  • blood, placenta, wool, feathers, hair, horns, hoof cuts and raw milk from healthy animals,
  • aquatic animals and their parts (fish)
  • UPZ from plants processing aquatic animals
  • shells, crustacean shells, hatchery by-products, eggs and eggshells,
  • day-old chicks killed for commercial purposes
  • aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates other than species pathogenic to animals
  • hides and skins, hooves, feathers, wool, horns, hair and fur from dead animals that did not show signs of any disease communicable through that product to humans or animals;
  • adipose tissue from animals that have not shown any signs of disease communicable through that material to humans or animals, slaughtered in a slaughterhouse and declared fit for slaughter for human consumption following ante-mortem inspection,
  • catering waste;

according to the provisions of the Act on waste, Art. 2.9, they are not waste, because the provisions of the Act on waste do not apply to animal by-products, including processed products, covered by Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009, with the exception of those which is waste intended for landfill or incineration or for use in a biogas or composting plant, in accordance with that Regulation. Therefore, waste management regulations, such as keeping records of generated waste, creating waste transfer cards (KPO) in BDO and many others, do not apply to producers of animal by-products.