Cat3 Not For Human Consumption

How should ABP CAT.3 be transported?

Cat3 animal by-products can be transported by entities with the appropriate permission and have a Veterinary Identification Number. Skelv has such a permit with the number: WNI – 126180133. The transport must be accompanied by a national commercial document or an international commercial document, which document specifies the sender, consignee, transporter, product, date and other data necessary for identification. Animal by-products and derived products must be collected and transported in closed packages or covered, leakproof containers or vehicles. Vehicles, containers and any equipment or fittings that are subject to repeated use must:

  • be cleaned, washed and disinfected after each use
  • be kept clean
  • be clean and dry before use

Vehicles carrying animal by-products and containers should be marked with a green board stating: Cat 3 “not for human consumption”

Cat3 Not For Human Consumption

If CAT.3 ABP (and derived products) are shipped from one Member State to another Member State, they must be contained in packages, containers or vehicles which are clearly marked with the appropriate color code. In addition, the packaging, container or vehicle should bear a label with the specific wording for the category.

In addition, if you are a consignor, transporter or recipient of animal by-products or derived products, you must keep records of shipments and related commercial documents.

The shipment record should include:

  • amount of material
  • identification of animal species for Category 3 material
  • material receipt date
  • carrier’s name and address and registration or approval number
  • consignee name and address and registration or approval number