Collection, Transport, and Identification of Category 3 Animal By-Products

How should Animal By-Products CAT.3 be collected and transported?

Animal by-products and derived products must be collected and transported in new sealed packages or covered, leak-proof containers or vehicles.

Do vehicles and containers transporting Category 3 products of animal origin need to be kept clean?

Reusable vehicles and containers, as well as all other items of equipment or reusable equipment that come into contact with animal by-products or derived products, other than derived products, that are placed on the market, stored and transported must be kept clean.

To exclude cross-contamination where vehicles and containers are intended not only for the carriage of certain animal by-products or derived products, but they must also:

  • be clean and dry before use and
  • be cleaned, washed, or disinfected after each use to the extent necessary to exclude cross-contamination.

Can CAT.3 reusable animal by-products containers be used to transport different by-products?

Reusable containers may be used if the competent authority has approved such use for the transport of various animal by-products or derived products, as long as these containers are cleaned and disinfected between different uses in a manner that prevents cross-contamination.

Containers may also be used for the transport of products of animal origin or foodstuffs containing products of animal origin which are no longer fit for human consumption for commercial reasons or as a result of production problems or defects in packaging or other defects which do not pose any risk to human and animal health, when these containers are used to transport products intended for human consumption under conditions that prevent cross-contamination.

At what temperature must the Animal By-Products CAT.3 be transported?

Animal by-products intended to produce feed material or raw pet food must be transported at the correct temperature to avoid any risk to public and animal health.

In the case of animal by-products from meat and meat products intended for purposes other than human consumption, this temperature may not exceed 7 °C, unless the products are intended for feed purposes.

Unprocessed Category 3 material destined for the production of feed material or pet food must be stored and transported chilled, frozen or ensiled unless processed within 24 hours of collection or end of chilled or frozen storage, provided transport is to take place in means of transport in which the storage temperature will be maintained.

Vehicles used for refrigerated transport must be designed to maintain the correct temperature throughout the journey and allow temperature monitoring.

How should a container, car or packaging carrying Animal By-Products CAT.3 be marked?

Animal by-products and derived products that have been shipped from one Member State to another Member State (international transport) in packages, containers or vehicles should be clearly labeled and at least for the duration of transport, transport and storage affixed to the package, container or vehicle, which must bear a legible inscription clearly visible on the package, container or vehicle as appropriate : Category 3 “not for human consumption”

Cat3 Not For Human Consumption

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